Brave Personal Branding Workshop in Chicago


Ever wished you had a personal brand that stands out, but didn’t think you had the experience or the connections to be sought out?
Yes? Consider this your invitation to join me on April 20 for a free program presented by Chicago Adobe Users Group at Ascend Training in the Fine Arts Building.
Thanks so much to Ascend Training for the opportunity to present this brave personal and professional branding program. Register here.
Image credit: Jori Curry, president of Ascend Training.

5 Ways to Master BRAVE Branding Everywhere

You’ll learn how to . . .

– upgrade your personal brand

– improve your search visibility

– power up your personal network

– market your creative talent

– integrate social media into marketing

We’ll also take a quick look at what’s new right now with the top social networks.

From the program description:

Barbara Rozgonyi, international speaker and author, will be presenting “Brave Branding” for both companies and individuals. Learn how to design a Marketing Makeover to build your brand and business. Lean to promote your business and amplify your message across: Public relations and social media, print and digital, and blogging. Doors open at 6pm.

In the meantime, here’s one personal brand strategy. Check here for three others and a cool infographic.

Picture Your Personal Brand

If you’re like most of us, you look different on LinkedIn than you do on Facebook. On LinkedIn, you want to look current, refreshed and likable.

You don’t want to:

–           Appear bored or aloof

–           Use an outdated image

–           Sit in your car with your seat belt on

–           Stand in front of your garage or a house

–           Cut off the person next to you [yes, you can stand alone]

–           Wear black tie, unless you’re an entertainer

–           Be in the dark [lighter backgrounds look better]

–           Pose with your baby or pet [super cute, but too distracting]

–           Post your pet’s pic in place of yours [see above]

–           Wear a swimsuit

I’ve seen all of these. They’re memorable, but not the best for branding. Choose an image that shows you as confident, relaxed and successful.For more ideas on how to project a professional personal brand image, check out 20 ways to look good when you say cheese.

Bring Brave Branding for You and Your Company to Your Event

Looking for a branding speaker? Let’s talk! 





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