Perfecting PR and LinkedIn Marketing for Meeting and Event Planners at IACC


Thanks to IACC for the opportunity to present ideas on how to Perfect PR and LinkedIn profiles for meeting and event planners  at their annual conference in New York City!

Like these topics? Bring expert marketing ideas to your event!

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Experience a new dynamic two-day program, packed full of education following new and traditional themes, including a 2016 focus on:

• Innovative venues and meeting environments using the latest technologies
• Inspiring speakers who will provide you with powerful business insights
• Multi-location/citywide “classrooms” and workshops
• Creative thinking and ideas generation as part of the meeting experience
• 2016 Global Copper Skillet Competition
• Valuable industry peer networking; Together we are Stronger!

Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles Campfire Session for Meeting and Event Planners

Wondering if there’s more LinkedIn can do for you – and your meeting venue? Get all your questions answered in an interactive campfire session. Along with lots of quick and easy ways to leverage LinkedIn to do more for you and your business, you’ll take away a 36-point checklist to help you fast-track your way to success.

Perfecting PR: How to Quickly Attract Attention, Clicks and Customers for Tomorrow, Today for Meeting and Event Planners

Discover why PR [Personality + Reputation] is the most underrated, yet most effective strategy you can use to position your meetings venue as an industry leader quickly, economically, and successfully. Learn why you need to think like a publisher, not a marketer, where to find media contacts and top influencers who are looking for your stories, how to use a success checklist to transform everyday news into top-ranked stories, when to merge your stories with top trends and unlock doors to interviews, where to find free, paid and unexpected PR distribution channels, how to integrate PR into the top social media platforms, and how to use free or low-cost tools to measure your PR and marketing success.

About the International Association of Conference Centres [IACC]

The International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) is the only global professional association which represents small to medium sized venues focused on meetings, training courses and conferences. All members conform to a comprehensive global set of criteria and standards.

IACC serves its members by being the global thought-leader in the meetings industry and currently has 400 members in 21 countries in the Americas, Europe and Australasia. Follow IACC on twitter @IACCmeetings and the conversation at #IACCConnect.

See you at IACC?

If you’ll be at the conference, let me know. I’d love to meet you!!





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