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Click on this image and you’ll see how Alexa ranks Wired PR Works around the world. For comparison purposes, last November CNN reported the Internet reached a new milestone: 100 million websites.

One year after 18,000 sites populated the Internet in 1995, I launched my first site. So, I’ve been online for 11 years. But, I have to be honest, my site’s stats aren’t all that great. However, my blog’s getting some international attention. And, it’s only about a year old.

What’s better a blog, a site or an ezine? Let’s turn to my new assistant for the answer . . .

Today I started training my summer marketing intern [AKA my soon to be college first year student who’s going to be going on vacation with us and then on a mission trip – not too much time left for a real job. Yes, this is a paid internship.]

In the course of our “orientation” I rambled onto many off-routes [until I discovered she was using my laptop’s stylus to play solitaire while I was talking] and then landed on a topic she could relate to: what’s really relevant to your audience.

As a member of more Facebook groups than her mom cares to know about – I am okay with “Phoebes of the World” – Phoebe knows more about what it takes to round up and corral a herd’s interest than most marketers twice her age.

Tapping into her knowledge, I asked her why a vast majority of ezine readers didn’t read their requested ezines, “It’s boring and it’s not what they want to know about – even though it could be – uh, probably is – a great article. I think you should just write for the blog and then tell the ezine people what you said,” she said with a big smile.

Well, it doesn’t take a seventeen-year-old to tell me what to do, does it? Well, maybe . . .

Blogs pull interest. Ezines push information.

Expert marketers advise having a test group of at least ten thousand to gauge response. While I don’t have that many ezine subscribers, I do have a fair number of blog readers.

Tracking the best of the blog posts tells me what you want to know. Top search terms indicate what topics led you here.

If you’re curious about what’s really going on in my life, you’ll have to opt-in to MTN News. There’s no way I’d post personal stuff and time-sensitive offers here.

So, whoever you are, whereever you are, thanks for clicking in – to the blog, the site and the ezine.

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