Back to Real Life PR: What I Learned on Vacation


1386 miles in 5 days – that’s what it takes to meander to Ely, Minnesota and back from our town. Here’s what I learned along the way . . .

1. It pays to ask for a good view. That’s how we woke up to watch dawn breaking in Duluth.

2. People will still follow you on twitter, even if you’re taking a techno-break.

3. Bringing a laptop along is a must: for directions, restaurant reviews and local orientation.

4. Having two shutterbugs in the family insures that you will have lots and lots of pictures and probably a few too many on Facebook – thanks to one of our teenagers.

5. Give up on mining when you can find faster and cheaper ways to get what you need on the surface.

6. It’s easier to see our local wolves in their exhibit than the ones in the exhibit 400 miles north. What’s in your backyard that you haven’t seen recently?

7. Bob Dylan’s house is right by his high school, a marvelous building in Hibbing, Minnesota.

8. The Mall of America is a mall, which may be truly amazing to some . . .

9. Two Super 8 surprises: keys were under a business card holder and we got an extra room for free because the manager wanted all of our kids to sleep in beds, not on a roll away.

10. People were so helpful and friendly. Here’s a guy who stopped and posed for a picture when no one in my family would. 🙂









Your Turn

How about you – where did you go on vacation? What did you learn?

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