WordPress 2.9 Upgrade Enables Easy Video Embeds

Named in honor of jazz vocalist Carmen McRae, WordPress 2.9 Carmen is the popular blogging platform’s latest upgrade.

Guide to upgrading to WordPress 2.9 from freshworkshops.com.

Installing the latest version took one click. It was so easy I didn’t think to check into what came along with the updates until I opened an email from Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, that outlined the updates as “headline features are global undo/trash, built-in image editor, batch upgrades, plugin compatibility checker, and easier embeds.”

[When I met Matt at WordCamp Chicago in June and told him I was still on version 2.3, I was really embarrassed, but I was also afraid to upgrade and lose data. Thankfully, that didn’t happen when I upgraded to the latest version over the summer. Instead, I got a faster, smoother and more enjoyable blogging experience – all in a matter of minutes.]

Matt’s email also included a request to have some eggnog for him along with this preview of 3.0: new default theme, better upgrades, dynamic image resizing, and more, Watch this video for an update highlights overview.

Embedding videos really is as easy as copying the link, which is what I did with both of these.

Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.9? What do you think?

Image: Carmen McRae Millennium Collection

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