Women in Chicago Social Media Honored

Thanks so much to Chicagonista and GM for honoring me as one of the top women in Chicago social media at Sushi Samba on July 22. That’s me with Nicole Simond, MJ Tam, Nancy Loo and Sarah Evans. Image by Eulalio Fabie de Silva of Lahleyoo.

View Layleyoo’s Chevy Chicag0nista Social Media Soiree album.

After speaking in Madison, Wisconsin that morning I decided to take the train to Chicago rather than be on the road again. Waiting on the platform, I ran into one of my clients who introduced me to her friends. When I told them about the party and being honored, they said they were so proud to know me.

Feeling a bit humbled and embarassed, after all my client is a four star charity, I sat on the train and called my sister.

“Tell me about Aunt Ruth’s job at General Motors,” I said.

“She was the fist woman to work in the GM Tilton plant,” my sister said. We talked about all the Chevys we  rode around [and eventually drove around] in our family during our wonder years.

After we hung up, I thought about what I would say when I was introduced. I didn’t know if I could talk about Aunt Ruth without losing my composure. When I got there, I ran the story by a few friends who encouraged me to tell it. So, I did. Here it is. . .

“I’d like to thank General Motors for sponsoring tonight’s event and for being a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My Aunt Ruth, my mother’s older sister, was the first woman to work in GM’s Tilton, Illinois plant. Although she wore men’s work clothes to work every day, she never left the house without wearing Revlon’s Million Dollar Red lipstick. GM paid for my ballet, tap, jazz, piano, clarinet and I think a few poetry lessons. On behalf of Social Media Club Chicago, I’d like to thank our members for their enthusiasm, support and for showing up. Thanks to MJ and Chicagonista for bringing attention to social media and for honoring women in social media. It’s wonderful to be here tonight.” 

Chicagonista’s Women in Chicago Socia Media Elites

Liz Strauss Creator of SOBcon 

Barbara Rozgonyi of Wired PR Works and Social Media Club Chicago

Sarah Evans of Sevans Strategy

Blagica Bottigliero of Gal’s Guide

Theresa Carter of The Local Tourist

Nancy Loo of Fox Chicago News

Hope Bertram of Windy City Social

MJ Tam of Chicagonista [my add]

Event Sponsors

Lahleyoo – Fine Photography & Designs – http://www.lahleyoo.com
Ablon Chicago – Chicagoland’s Premier Mobile Home Spa – http://www.ablonchicago.com
Centerd – People, Places, Plans – http://www.centerd.com
Blazer – Textile Printing

What a fun party!  And, it was great to meet Christopher Barger from General Motors after hearing Wendy Clark talk about GM and Reinvention at a Ragan conference in June.

When I got off the train back home,  I bumped into the people I’d met on the way into the city. This time I was carrying a Wii fit. “How’d you get that?” they wanted to know. “It’s a gift from Chicagonista and GM,” I told them. Because we have a Nintendo Wii, my family was thrilled to see me.

Your Turn

You’re hosting an event to honor your social media mentors. Who would you invite?

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