State of the Media via CNN Journchat @SXSW

“Portable, personable and participatory” – Sarah Evans, creator of Journchat, on what people want in their news, quoting an unassigned reference

Kudos to Sarah for rounding up the CNN crew to join the Journchat conversation on twitter live via ustream on Monday night. I was there!

Here’s CNN’s press release

Special edition of #journchat to feature CNN panel live from SXSW Interactive

Collective #journchat conversation transcript

Tweets via @wiredprworks

Links to CNN main site
iReport to submit and report
CNN Pressroom send feedback and ideas to @jenncnnpr

My Top #journchat and @cnn Tweets

ireport team is 8 ppl, ireporters are part of them, @lilicina knows their names, met some at #sxsw #journchat

pitch @AlexWellen w story, he will point you in right direction, interested in ways to tell stories across many diff platforms #journchat

real opp is the people who will never engage in social media, can help them understand social media signal @AlexWellen #journchat

RT @ allanschoenberg: All (forms of) media all the time RT @acnatta: Its not traditional media vs. new media. Its all media #journchat

RT @ImpactMktPR Make media social around content and spread our products around web. @dermotwater #SXSW #journchat

starting to do more social stuff @cnn made media more social, create the conversation around stories #journchat

have to fail alot to succeed [true] @dermotwaters have to weed stuff out #journchat

can pitch new app ideas to @dermotwaters communicate value in under 100 words #journchat

RT @wiredprworks: @cnn team of 4 people scans all Facebook comments, can get up to 1,000 – wow! #journchat

Facebook page monitored mostly during working hours, but breaking news goes up right away on @cnn #journchat

@peacockc – thanks for your emphasis on stories! very encouraging and helpful #journchat | exteremely helpful!

real people reporting works, person who starts a community organization, story can have legs @peacockc #journchat

the story is not my ceo is in town – the story is my ceo can tell a story to you [love it!] #journchat

visualization is a way to tell incredibly complicated stories in an eye blink #peacockc #journchat

things that catch #peacockc eye/ear is story w narrative that knows audience #journchat

bring personal story to the bigger story [yes!] via @peacockc #journchat

one of the goals of @cnn money was “decomplicating stimulation visualization” ppl spent avg 9 mins engaging #journchat

constructing own twitter news network most valuable for @peacockc -puts you ahead of mainstream news #journchat

@cnn added facebook connect 1 yr ago, just relaunched new suite of market tools today @ #journchat

looking for ways to collaborate at conferences & collaborate on conversations @cnn #journchat email to submit news releases to @cnn via @jennprcnn #journchat

@hksully: Did anyone catch the URL for the CNN media site @jennCNNpr mentioned? #journchat

how to pitch @douggrosscnn-have your own identity & be on their radar #journchat

Looking for an iReport intern, must be an iReporter

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