Tracking and Sharing Clicks to Links


Every week I share a few dozen links to information. My goal is to share knowledge wants or needs. Reader relevancy is key. But how do you know what your people will really like?

That’s where measuring and sharing clicks to links comes in.

Tracking what people like to read makes for more effective content marketing management.

To measure what my network likes, I use BudURL a link shortening and tracking service. When I find an article I’d like to share, I use BudURL to shorten the link. You can choose a randomly assigned identifier or assign one of your own to track traffic.

Post the link to your social networks and tracking begins automatically. You’ll get reports like the one accompanying this post.

In addition to number of clicks, you get statistics on where the traffic comes. You can even see who retweets your link on twitter. Here’s a look at what’s most popular with my network right now.

Five Most Recently Clicked Links

10 Brands that will disappear in 2012

Will Sears become Kmart? Each year, 24/7 Wall St. regularly compiles a list of brands that are going to disappear in the near-term.Last year’s list proved to be prescient in many instances, predicting the demise of T-Mobile among others.Thanks to @bradshorr and @windycitysocial for the retweet.

Content Marketing Grid V2

This is a post I wrote about Eloqua’s new content marketing grid and how it helps marketers plan and link content to key performance indicators.

Blago Jurors Nearing Verdict

When the New York Times sent a breaking email alert about this story, I linked to this story. Somehow I don’t think this will be the end of the Blago saga.

Facebook is Taking over the Web

Facebook is taking over the web, according this post from With browsing time up 69%, what effect will this have on SEO? Thanks to @wboswell for the retweet.

Six Months of Digital Trends

Digital trends in this post from include hashtag marketing and more fans = less engagement. Thanks to @techpr and @MSLChicago for the retweets.

How do you track reader engagement?

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