Revealing Answers RE: Business, Technology, Communications for Women

What do women business owners really want to know about business, technology and communications? Listen in to a podcast and read twitter transcripts captured at a lively evening at the Apple Store.theresa-barbara-blagica-chic2geek

Thanks to Theresa Carter, founder of Chicago’s “The Local Tourist” and Blagica Bottigliero [don’t we look like a fun trio?] for letting me speak to the group, “It’s Chic to be Geek,” I got to find out what women want to know about how to market their business online. If you’re in Chicago, you’ll want check out “It’s Chic to be Geek.”

Heidi Miller  generously offered to record my presentation. Read Heidi’s review and highlights of our group discussion about how technology drives business online. I love these types of presentations that begin with a backdrop and then open up to an open forum. Thanks to Heidi for all the coverage, which included a post-talk video interview. 

Check out my Chic to Be Geek photos on flickr, all by Beth Rosen – thanks, Beth!



 Twitter Transcript: Barbara Rozgonyi on writing, business, communications and technology at It’s Chic to Be Geek

Copied directly from twitter search using chic2geek – comments in reverse order. Thanks so much to all of you who tweeted! You added another communications channel to the live event.

heidimiller: Photos and video from #chic2geek up in the Facebook group: (expand)

heidimiller: Multitasking: conference call talking over contracts while uploading video from #chic2geek to Facebook.

heidimiller: @blagica Thanks! I’ve actually been abbreviating “chic2BG” in my notes, but #chic2geek is probably more clear. 🙂 GREAT job organizing!

celikins: @thelocaltourist & @blagica thanks again for another wonderful and educational event #chic2geek

heidimiller: Fantastic event that @blagica and @thelocaltourist put on! Great geek girls, great info. #chic2geek

khw77: @dijana hi it’s Kim who met you on the way out. Congrats on the wedding. #chic2geek

gizmodesign: HA! RT: @bcbeatty @heidimiller: “Twitter is like sex: you don’t know what it’s going to be like until you try it” #chic2geek

bcbeatty: RT @heidimiller: “Twitter is like sex: you don’t know what it’s going to be like until you try it” #chic2geek

heidimiller: Talking about how cool and energetic @chrisbrogan is. #chic2geek

khw77: @heidimiller want to talk to you more about your business #chic2geek

gizmodesign: so sad i had to miss 🙁 hacked sites require attention [take note all wordpress folks!] #chic2geek

thelocaltourist: Great, @Blagica. Now the windows are all steamed up #chic2geek

MaggieConv: Bummed about missing the #chic2geek event, but rest is much needed.

karitas: barbara rozgonyi did a nice presentation tonite at #chic2geek event

khw77: @windycitysocial hi I’m sitting right behind you and talking about your business with you. #chic2geek

amyseye: eNjoyed Barbara’s presentation at the #chic2geek event. Thanks @blagica for the visual presentations:)

stacyjill: Next event will probably be about Blogging #chic2geek

heidimiller: How do you pitch your release online: Pitch Engine and TwitPitch. #chic2geek

heidimiller: How do you use Facebook for business? A: join a related group and ask the admin how you can help #chic2geek

stacyjill: RT @heidimiller: Can’t keepip with @stacyjill ‘s #chic2geek Tweets.No fair! She’s got a laptop, and I’m just one-thumbed iPhoning! *giggle*

stacyjill: Btw… all of you wedding people in the crowd… get ahold of me please. :)#chic2geek

stacyjill: Get to know the admin of the event you are attending. (great way to network) #chic2geek

stacyjill: Q from crowd – what is the best way to use Facebook for Business? A. FB is great for events (not so much an expert for Biz) #chic2geek

heidimiller: Can’t keepip with @stacyjill ‘s #chic2geek Tweets. No fair! She’s got a laptop, and I’m just one-thumbed iPhoning!

heidimiller: “You’re not going tone able to predict what will be great content until you ask your readers” @wiredprworks #chic2geek

stacyjill: @mediabistro is a great site #chic2geek

stacyjill: is on the screen… #chic2geek

heidimiller: Anything Guy Kawasaki writes is good. #chic2geek

heidimiller: Recommending @shel ‘s Blogging for Business #chic2geek

stacyjill: @wiredprworks – surround yourself with great advisors #chic2geek

stacyjill: Shel Holtz books – @shel check out his books #chic2geek

stacyjill: Selling advertising space on your blog is good if you have the traffic #chic2geek

stacyjill: A. Check out Six-Figure Blogger….. #chic2geek

stacyjill: Q. from crowd: Is there a list of the best sites to use for blogging? #chic2geek

stacyjill: comment from crowd – newbie – blogger/typepad are good for people who might be intimidated by wordpress #chic2geek

momofteenstwit2: What if there was only one Doctor in the world?. There is room for you too in business.. #chic2geek @wiredprworks speaking

stacyjill: Comment from crowd- when you go to websites and check domains, buy it immediately so nobody else buys it up! #chic2geek

stacyjill: You may want to have a guest author #chic2geek

heidimiller: #chic2geek question: how do you let people know to come to your blog? A from @wiredprworks: SM press release, postcards, email

stacyjill: A. You may want at least 3 posts, etc #chic2geek

stacyjill: Q. How much content do you want on your blog before you send it out #chic2geek

stacyjill: A. Press Release – let people know your blog is up. Place your blog URL on every biz card you have. Create a postcard #chic2geek

stacyjill: Q. How is there a way to build up your followers – How do you let people know? #chic2geek

stacyjill: @blagica – there will be a sep. blogging event in the future #chic2geek

stacyjill: @blagica is picking out funny domain names online #chic2geek

8 days ago from TweetDeck · Reply · View Tweet · Thread Show ConversationHide

heidimiller: “Twitter is like sex: you don’t know what it’s going to be like until you try it”

joipodgorny: @blagica you keep going to every site I think would be a good background site #chic2geek

stacyjill: Some people say Twitter is like Sex – you won’t know until you try it @wiredprworks ( that should be a tagline…LOL) #chic2geek

heidimiller: What question would you like to ask @wiredprworks on getting new media to work for you/writing for social media? #chic2geek

stacyjill: Figure out who your audiences are #chic2geek

stacyjill: Q. How do you start a blog? A. Make the decision… read blogs… what do you like that people are talking about? #chic2geek

thelocaltourist: – At #chic2geek, @wiredprworks presenting

stacyjill: Btw – @leahjones is curious if we are going anywhere afterwards??? Ladies?? #chic2geek

stacyjill: Opening up to questions #chic2geek

heidimiller: Strategizing content plans for Facebook, Twitter, blogging: decide who your audience is and what they need #chic2geek

tokissthecook: @Blagica Hello Ladies!! So sorry I’m still at the office but have fun!! #chic2geek

stacyjill: What are your audiences? What are your goals? #chic2geek

stacyjill: is asking the question – #chic2geek

blagica: – @wiredprworks at the #chic2geek event

heidimiller: @wiredprworks on 17 Ways to Enliven Your Message question: how can a blog drive traffic to the website?#chic2geek

stacyjill: Quick Q Does a blog talk away traffic from a website (can you put your blog within your website) – Yes, talk to your web designer #chic2geek

stacyjill: @wiredprworks – check out her blog post today called Wired Writing – 17 Ways to Enliven Your Message #chic2geek

stacyjill: @blagica is running through great twitter accounts on the screen… @comcast cares, @barackobama, @zappos #chic2geek

heidimiller: @blagica is blazing across the Twitterverse at #chic2geek

stacyjill: People like twitter because it is faster than google (in terms of info) (The Octo-Mommy, the Hudson River plane) #chic2geek

momofteenstwit2: @@Blagica thanks for a great when the girls hang out #chic2geek in Chicago..go girls

stacyjill: Twitter is a great place to show people what you are working on. #chic2geek

stacyjill: Watch out – she is pimping out the single ladies @blagica #chic2geek

blagica: YO SAY hello to the LOVELY ladies at the #chic2geek event at the Apple Store…boys plenty of ladies in the house:) single, too,

stacyjill: Question – @blagica is tweeting! #chic2geek

stacyjill: @wiredprworks -businesses communicate with customers (email, PR, advertisements, telemarketing, twitter, facebook) #chic2geek

heidimiller: From @wiredprworks: Think of yourself as a content producer and a storyteller #chic2geek

stacyjill: Check out @wiredprworks blog for a creative work plan and how to liven your writing #chic2geek

stacyjill: If you take away one thing tonight,… How to become a content producer #chic2geek

stacyjill: @leahjones just got a shoutout at the event by @wiredprworks 🙂 #chic2geek

stacyjill: @wiredprworks Back when she started a computer cost $2800… Ouch #chic2geek

stacyjill: @Blagica is introducing @wiredprworks #chic2geek

stacyjill: Ok – Heidi has a hashtag.. woo hoo #chic2geek

heidimiller: Wiring @wiredprworks for an impromptu Podcast of her #chic2geek talk

heidimiller: @wiredprworks is about to speak on business communications. Any questions for her? #chic2geek

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