Podcast Interview: Start Fresh

Sometimes you have to start fresh. There’s never been a better time to rethink, reframe refocus. Thanks to Zachary Alexander, of Subscription Maker podcast, for having me on as a podcast guest.

Listen in.

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Today we are talking with Barbara Rozgonyi. Barbara is a PR thought leader, keynote speaker, and trainer.  Barbara helps her clients quickly increase visibility, attract leads, and grow their businesses.

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The reason that we are talking with Barbara is because freelancers and contingent have traditionally relied on in-person networking and word of mouth to gain visibility. And the lockdown has put a damper on those efforts. So, we are talking with a PR expert that can speak to what it takes to raise our profiles today under these conditions. 

Big Takeaway

Sometimes you have to start fresh. Sometimes you have to start something of your own. One of the things that we’ve learned since the lockdown is that you’ve got to be open to change. And that you don’t always get a choice. Change can happen in your back yard. And sometimes you got to move all the way across the country.

How about you? What’s your biggest challenge with getting back on the Fast Track?

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