Optimizing Personal PR

Supernova star burst

What do you tell people you do when you meet them for the first time? Are you a title, a profession, an entrepreneur or something else?

On the way to a networking event, I decided to introduce myself as “The Optimizer” or someone who optimizes people, places and things. It’s fun to test out different personas like this at social networking events.

For the most part “The Optimizer” passed the test. At the end of the evening, one of my friends suggested “The Optimizer” brandish a sword to portray the persona. I countered with the comment that a light saber was more like it. And then, someone said, “No! To be The Optimizer you need a laser gun! You need to blast your way through to opitimalness!”

What do you think: what kind of tools do you need to optimize you, yourself or your place online?

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