Guy Kawasaki on APE for Bloggers at BlogHer13

nancy-loo-guy-kawasaki-lori-moreno-barbara-rozgonyiThis post is one in a series of BlogHer13 session recaps. Did you also cover BlogHer13? Where can we find your posts?

Hearing Guy Kawasaki keynote was a BlogHer13 highlight for me. Have your read his book APE?

At BlogHer09, I learned that this blog had been selected to be on Guy’s new site Alltop PR.  I walked in feeling a little dizzy. I was so excited when I got the email that I wrote back and thanked Guy for the honor.

Very quickly, I got a message back from Guy. I replied telling him that I was going to print it out and put it on my wall. So, he sent me a second one.

When Guy walked into the Sheraton on Thursday night, we asked him if we could take a picture. I mentioned that I first met him at BlogWorld in 2007.

What a way for Nancy Loo, Lori Moreno and me to kick off the conference!

Guy Kawasaki BlogHer13 Keynote Highlights

Elisa Camahort Page was a wonderful interviewer, asking intriguing questions. Although I’d heard about Guy’s book APE Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur How to Publish Your Book, I hadn’t read it yet. Because Guy gave away 500 free copies at BlogHer, I’m sure you’ll see lots more about it in the blogosphere.

APE is now on my iPad and I’m loving reading it. Here are a few highlights from Guy’s talk.

APE is an ebook and it’s print on demand at createspace. It costs Guy $5 to print every book. But, he makes $9 per copy.

Because the information in it changes every 60-90 days, APE is the book that won’t ever be done. Guy wants this book to be like the Chicago Manual of Style for authors.

As far as selling products and services goes, he likes the philosophical model of NPR. A few days a year, NPR runs a telethon, but provides high value every day.  You feel a sense of obligation to give in exchange for the value.

Guy says, “Think of yourself as NPR. You’ve earned the right to promote something because your provide something of value.”

Social media is a platform where Guy can earn while he promotes. He wants people to know he has very interesting stuff – produced by Peg Fitzpatrick.

The core of Guy’s social media existence is Google Plus [Guy Kawasaki on Google Plus]. He says Google Plus is like the Mac of social media. It’s better and used by fewer people.

He also honestly thinks Android is better than iOS; this is coming from the second software architect at Apple.

The father of four, Guy says he’s not defined by his work anymore. Instead, he says he has three little startups and one IPO/college student.

Guy wants to empower people to change the world, primarily through his writing and speaking.

What’s next for Guy? He wants to find out what it’s like to be an intern at a big company when you’re 60 years old. That should be interesting – for all of us.

Here’s  the BlogHer transcript of Guy Kawasaki’s interview with Elisa Camahort Page.

Kudos to Jean Pickering for capturing interview video.

2013-07-27 Guy Kawasaki – BlogHer – 001 from Jean Pickering on Vimeo.

What do you think? How does Google Plus fit into your social media system?

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