Simple Motivation Tricks to Power Progress


It's summer. It's nice out. When all you want to is relax, how can you stay motivated?

For me, I draw two circles: Here and There.

Although I don't put anything under Here, I do write big goals under There.

In between, I list building blocks that will get me from Here to There.

After all, there is only one letter between the two words. Thinking about how to get there is sort of like plugging two destinations into Google Maps and then choosing the route you want to go.

The good thing about Google is you get turn by turn directions and even an estimate on how long it will take to get there. What if you could do the same thing?

Here's a post I found on Fast Company this morning that talks about 3 Motivational Mind Tricks To Power Progress.

It's pretty simple, really. All you have to do is imagine.

Thanks to writer Janet Choi, Chief Creative Officer of iDoneThis, for these three mind tricks.

Motivation Mind Trick No. 1: Seeing progress boosts your performance

Motivation Mind Trick No. 2: Even the illusion of progress spurs motivation

Motivation Mind Trick No. 3: A lack of progress isn’t the end of the line

Tiny steps can lead to big leaps. See yourself or your work as bigger and better than it is at the moment. Imagine the shadow you cast being bigger, bolder and more significant.

What can you do today that will help you power progress?

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2 thoughts on “Simple Motivation Tricks to Power Progress

  • Warren Whitlock

    Tiny steps can be very positive. They can also be de-motivating.

    Studies show that a stock trader who has quotes flashed on his mobile every hour will change mood on the slightest ups and downs in the market. Even a growing stock will have negative news at least as often as positive.

    Most of all, there’s no correlation between checking and good investments. In fact, there’s evidence to show that the distraction can fool the trader into false security or dispar in other areas of life.

    Same with frequent use of a weight scale or anything with a normal ups and downs that don’t reflect the long term trend.

    • Barbara Rozgonyi Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Warren! Good to see you here and I appreciate your comment.

      Completely agree that checking and rechecking can be counter-productive [for me it’s email and Facebook :)].

      What I’m talking about here is taking the first step, kind of like tipping the first domino in a stack, one small move sets a whole series of events into motion.

      For me, it’s often one phone call that sets off a series of positive actions towards a bigger outcome. Then, I don’t keep checking – I keep moving.

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