Simple Motivation Tricks to Power Progress


It’s summer. It’s nice out. When all you want to is relax, how can you stay motivated?

For me, I draw two circles: Here and There.

Although I don’t put anything under Here, I do write big goals under There.

In between, I list building blocks that will get me from Here to There.

After all, there is only one letter between the two words. Thinking about how to get there is sort of like plugging two destinations into Google Maps and then choosing the route you want to go.

The good thing about Google is you get turn by turn directions and even an estimate on how long it will take to get there. What if you could do the same thing?

Here’s a post I found on Fast Company this morning that talks about 3 Motivational Mind Tricks To Power Progress.

It’s pretty simple, really. All you have to do is imagine.

Thanks to writer Janet Choi, Chief Creative Officer of iDoneThis, for these three mind tricks.

Motivation Mind Trick No. 1: Seeing progress boosts your performance

Motivation Mind Trick No. 2: Even the illusion of progress spurs motivation

Motivation Mind Trick No. 3: A lack of progress isn’t the end of the line

Tiny steps can lead to big leaps. See yourself or your work as bigger and better than it is at the moment. Imagine the shadow you cast being bigger, bolder and more significant.

What can you do today that will help you power progress?

Image: Barbara Rozgonyi, self shadow


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