Wireless is 30 Older is Newer Again

att-coinBack in 1983 could anyone have predicted how mobile marketing is changing the way we do business?

As customers rely more and more on smartphones to connect them to their networks and companies, it’s critical for small business to know what’s coming up next.

Thanks to AT&T Chicago and Erin McGrath, I got the opportunity to preview the newest phones coming on the market. With a one-hand gesture design, a dual work/personal interface, a cool camera app and a peek mode, BlackBerry’s new phone [Blackberry z10] is set to give the iPhone some serious competition.

The HTC One is also a winner when it comes to a boombox system that sounds really good, Zoe photography software that captures sequences, a blink feed system that keeps networks updated and in view all at once, and TV integration. I can see my skateboarding sons switching over to this slick phone/TV/camera/boombox.

If you love following mobile technology, then this was the show for you. When did you get your first mobile phone?

Hope you enjoy this slideshow tour.

Other Wireless and Mobile Life Innovations

Samsung’s Galaxy mobile camera that does everything but make phone calls. Seriously, this one is like having an artist inside the device that makes your images look like modern art.

Call clarity is on its way from fuzzy, scratchy and filled with background noise to becoming HD, clear and real.

At home, AT&T will soon be offering Digital Life home security and automation devices that can program your home’s electronics for more efficiency. Sure, you can save money on your electric bill, but how about time too?

For example, the app-driven system can operate pre-sets to create a mood at home like “date night.” Because you can control the devices from anywhere, you can set up date night with mood lighting on your way home.

It sounds silly, in a way, to think about controlling your home’s lighting and electronics with a tablet. But with kids at home, I can appreciate how much easier it would be to turn off lights in the house with a timer switch, much more reliable than teens.

It was fun to see an historic collection of Sony smart phones. They even brought in the first video camera that attached to a phone.

It’s amazing to think that 30 years have gone by in the wireless world.

What advances do you see on the horizon?

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