Simple Subject Lines Raise Email Newsletters Open Rates

If you publish an email newsletter, you know that writing a compelling subject line is often the hardest part.

So, what does it take to get people to open your email? Is there a formula you can use to up your open rates? What can you learn from your email marketing about how your community and the media will respond to your message?

MarketingSherpa analyzed a year’s worth of their email open rates and came up with four takeaways. Open access to the article runs through December 2.

MarketingSherpa’s Newsletter Subject Line Guide 

Takeaway #1. Begin with value: Best Time, Simple Email

Takeaway #2. Find the right ‘trigger words’ within 41 spaces

Takeaway #3. Watch the hard sell, offer value instead

Takeaway #4. Hot brands work – mention Facebook, Wikipedia

Top Seven Email Subject Lines Based On Open Rates

Taking the MarketingSherpa lead, we went back and found our top seven 2008 email subject lines, based on the percentage of open rates.

What do they have in common? All are short. Starting with PR Tips or a personalized subject line with a first name merge field bumped up open rates. “Trigger words” appear to be community, social media, branding and rock star. Talking about value works; a soft-sell p.s. sums up the benefits with a relevant call to action at the end of the main message. 

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Community PR : Keys to Creating Relationships

Getting Mini-Carded: Shrink for Big Impact

PR Tips | Making Sense of Social Media

PR Tips | Branding: It’s in Your DNA

To Firstname: Do you Look Like You?

To Firstname: What Kind of Rock Star Are You?

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