Random PR: Searching for Meaning in Google Keyword Rankings

IMG_0246 Every Thursday, I share a few random Google keyword search rankings with my newsletter readers. [Want to be on the list? Email wiredprworks AT aweber DOT com.] Today, I’m sharing them with you.

Here’s how it works . . .

keyword-search term ranking/number of results for term

conveying expertise = keyword-search term

4/1,580,000 = number 4 on Google page one out of 1,580,000 results

Ideally, you want to see a match up between searches and your list of preferred keywords. What’s on one list should be on the other.

Since search is organic, these reports take you behind the screen to see what people type in to find you. Now you have clues to help you revise and expand your keyword list. Your results will vary, depending on your locale and search preference. What comes up as number 1 for me, may show up as number 5 for you.

Random Google Search Rankings

conveying expertise 4/1,580,000 

Twitter Profile PR | Conveying Subject Matter Expertise in Four Lines

how to become popular in linked in 2 and 3/3,980,000

How to Become a Subject Matter Expert on LinkedIn: 10 More Ways

YouTube and PR 2/19,000,000 [maybe I should upload a video?]

Want Wedding Publicity? Take it to YouTube | PR Takeaways

blog Influence top blog 4/1,980,000

Measuring Blog Influence | PR Friendly Index Ranking System

These stats come from MyBlogLog, which tells you where readers came from, what readers viewed and what readers clicked. I use these stats and rankings to:

– get insights on keywords people use to find me

– find out which blogs drive traffic to mine

– see what clicks, literally

– monitor the real-time stats of posts and popularity

– measure long-term results

– compare number of readers to page views

So far, July’s stats show 1.97 pages per reader with an average of one out of three readers clicking on some kind of link.

Your turn

How do you see yourself in your Google keyword search profile? Do you recognize what people are looking for?

Image: super-close up of hemerocallis center

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