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It sounds strange, but sometimes I forget that I’m a photographer. A photographer who is published, sells images and truly loves making pictures.

Giving strategic marketing advice, crafting news releases and coaching clients is different than being the one capturing images, but it’s how I usually position myself and my Chicago area strategic marketing and public relations company.

Yesterday afternoon I sent an email RSVP to a fund-raising event manager with this line:

“Let me know if you’d like me to take pictures. I’m happy to donate my time and a CD with images.”

Today I got email asking me to get there early and to watch for a list of shots they’d like to have.

Will I be the official event photographer? I don’t know, but I might be. If you’re a photographer who is looking for work, think about donating your time. Here’s what’s in it for you. If you represent a charity that needs an event photographer, feel free to use this list when you contact photographers about shooting your event.

  • credit: when your images get published
  • recognition: at the event and in charity communications
  • promotion: run a live slide show at the event with as they’re being taken images
  • portfolio pieces: food, architecture, portraiture – all possible subjects, get permission to reuse
  • income: let Photrade take orders and sell images for you
  • reach: post images with event/charity tags on site like flickr, facebook
  • gratitude: so many people will thank you
  • legacy: you’re the one that people will remember as the event image-maker

Your Turn

How do use photography to promote your charity – or business?

Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi, copyright 2005-2008

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