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how-to-write-a-press-release-speakers“How to Write a Superstar Speaker Press Release to Attract the Attention, Business and Applause You Deserve!” with Barbara Rozgonyi for SpeakerNet News

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Ever wished you could attract attention as a superstar speaker and/or author, but didn’t think you had the PR skills or the media connections you need to stand out? It’s hard when you don’t have the skills to get the media’s attention. But with a simple, proven formula for writing a winning press release, coupled with surefire distribution resources, you’ll garner the media attention you deserve.

This powerful session includes a PR primer, tips on where to find and how to reach key media influencers, tools to take your message to the top, and ways to measure PR performance with marketing goals.

Wondering how a document with less than 500 words can promise so much? Find out how a humble press release is so much more than who, what, when, where and why.

If you’re ready to create buzz for your speaking business and/or book(s) with innovative PR tools to generate more attention, leads, sales, and applause, register right now!

You will learn how to:

– instantly recharge your mindset to think like a pr superstar
– effortlessly repurpose your message with a fail-proof PR recipe
– easily reroute your news via Cinch or Scenic distribution routes
– naturally increase value for meeting planners, associations and events
– elevate your status to the top on search engines and short lists

About Barbara Rozgonyi, Creative PR [Personality + Reputation] Visionary

Google “How to write a press release for speakers” and your search will, most likely, lead you to wiredprworks.com. Barbara leads CoryWest Media and celebrates 12 years of publishing wiredPRworks.com, named a top 50 PR blog with over 1200 free marketing and PR articles. As a digital marketing pioneer forging new frontiers, Barbara co-founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008 and led a team to produce over 60 events. A passionate educator, expert business developer, and humorous motivational international business speaker, Barbara served as a 2018 NSA Illinois Chapter Speakers Academy Dean and presented a “Perfecting PR for Speakers” webinar for members.

Barbara would love to give you your very own complimentary PR Primer. Get your PR PRIMER now.

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