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PRNN, Press Release News Network, now has a free Social Media Newsroom option.

Here’s more directly from the Social Media Newsroom site . . .

Free Social Media Newsroom for Your Business
Create a free socialized media information center for your business. The Social Media Newsroom template is based on the development by
Todd Defren. You can create your Social Media Newsroom and link it from your existing web site.

What does a Social Media Newsroom do?
The SMN allows you to “bring together” the information about your business into a dynamic centralized location. It utilizes popular social sites, functions, and RSS for easy administration and great online availability.

How can I obtain a Free Social Media Newsroom?
The Social Media Newsroom is a free service provided by Press Release News Network. Sign up for a free account with
PRNN, and you will automatically receive the Social Media Newsroom. No purchase of press release services are required.

Worth testing out . . .



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