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“Twitter has a place in business. Twitter combines two of this year’s hottest Internet marketing trends — real time updates and local search – into one simple, concise update box.” excerpt from “Taking Flight with Twitter” article, viewed – as of today – 2842 times according to The Business Ledger.

Note: This is not a “look how great I am!” post. This IS a thanks to The Business Ledger for the contribution opportunity and a huge shout of appreciation to everyone who read it and passed it on. It’s also a place to begin a dialogue about how twitter works for you and your business. So, please share in the comment box.

Hatching a Twitter for Business Article

After presenting at The Business Ledger’s Newsmaker Forum as social media speaker on the topic of twitter for business, editor Jeremy Stoltz graciously asked me if I would like to contribute an article. Set at 750 words, the article summarizes the background of my talk and sets up an action plan. Here’s a brief clip.

Taking Flight with Twitter by Barbara Rozgonyipublished by The Business Ledger on April 16, 2010
Twitter’s search engine (http://search.Twitter.com) searches updates instantaneously. Test it out the next time you’re watching a game, going to an event or want to follow what other people have to say about you, your business, your industry or the competition. Use Twitter’s advanced search option to fine-tune your search by location or people, (http://search.Twitter.com/advanced).

Twitter came on the scene at SXSW in March 2006. The compact community of early adopters mushroomed into a cultural phenomenon when major news networks and celebrities joined Twitter last year. In 2007, when I joined Twitter, only 5,000 tweets were posted each day. In 2010, 50 million tweets a day fly through Twitter’s stratosphere.

So what, exactly, is Twitter? Twitter is a social media platform that connects people through messages, known as “tweets,” that measure up to 140 characters long, including the user’s Twitter ID. To give you an idea of the actual length, the previous sentence is 141 characters long, or 140 without the period.

Response to Taking Flight with Twitter Article by Barbara Rozgonyi

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Search.twitter.com results show who is posting the article. This, to me, is the most interesting measure of distribution. You can find out who subscribes to your feed and then follow them on twitter – and thank them, too.

2842 Reads from The Business Ledger
Taking flight with Twitter
Friday, April 16, 2010 (2842 reads)

To read more about the social media panel for business presentation, check out this Business Ledger article:
Social media is a commerce driven necessity by Sherri Dauskurdas.

“Social media is not about technology and tools, it’s really about people,” said Barbara Rozgonyi, principal at CoryWest Media, LLC. “You can use Twitter to listen, you can search, respond to people for customer service. If people have a problem you can get to it right away. You can ask questions and connect with people, and you can also spy on your competition.”

How many ways do you use twitter in your business?

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