Branding, Content Marketing and Social Media

Branding, content marketing and social media is the fifth episode in the social media marketing video series. Check out four ways dynamic content marketing can support your business and sales goals.

Whose content is it anyway?

One of the biggest fears companies have today is “letting people talk about their company.”

Whether you have a digital presence, or not, people can will say whatever they want about you and your company, openly and publicly. How does your company relate to social media?

How Dynamic Content Marketing Creates and Nurtures Customer Communities

Being afraid of negative comments can keep companies from fully participating in conversing with their communities. The good news? When you know what people are complaining about, you can respond right away. And, for most companies negative comments add up to less than 5% of their total communication.

The other HUGE fear: Companies don’t know what to say. They’re afraid to look stupid, so they either say very little or worse yet, nothing at all.

Dynamic content marketing fixes both issues.

Transitioning from a “push it out there” to an “always in touch community mindset” nurtures responsive communities. You listen, they talk, conversations happen.

Wouldn’t you love to have your happy customers make the sales for you?

Check out these ways dynamic content marketing can support your business and sales goals:

  • Profile your best customer demographics and psychographics
  • Plot out a publishing calendar for blog posts and social networking updates
  • Use a system to automate your postings – and alert you to comments
  • Build communities on your blog and throughout your social networks

How do you use content marketing to build your brand?

Thanks so much to Gary Bohringer of Bohringer Creative for producing the series. Since its beginnings in 1993 Bohringer Creative has focused on personal service.

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