Blogging History: 107 posts in 180 days

Image by Barbara Rozgonyi, copyright 2006

I couldn’t let today go by without commenting that December 2, 2006 marks my 6 month anniversary as a blogger.

True, this blog is younger than my orginal at Marketing Transformations Network Views. But, all of our archives are here and most of our stories are there, too.

In September 2004, I gave my first presentation on blogging. It took me almost two years to start posting.

Although I knew blogging was calling, I couldn’t get past the thought of other people reading my writing – even though that’s what I’ve been paid to do for years.

If I added up the cumulative number of people who’ve read my writing, it would be in the millions. See, I love to write, but I’m not so quick to publish – unless a client is contracting me to be their professional communicator.

And, then there’s the pressure to keep posting – today’s post is #107 in 180 days

Top 10 Reasons I Blog . . . in unhierarchical order:

1. Allow for self-expression

2. Prompt social awareness

3. Boost page rank

4. Promote projects

5. Get pinged by pirates

6. Confess

7. Brag – just a little

8. Celebrate

9. Evolve

10. Congratulate

To celebrate my anniversay, I spent the better part of this evening submitting my feed to blog search engines.

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