What ad tech taught me . . .

. . . design makes a conference look. A stage set, prominent and artful signage, and technology all played off of ad tech Chicago’s crisp and clean design site. 

. . . a keynote/expo pass lets you test out the event to see if you want to invest next time/next city – FYI the ad tech action is hotter in NY and San Francisco according to several people I talked to

. . . SEO and PPC options lined both sides of the exhibit isles

. . . a speaker/press/blogger lounge is not only thoughtful, but powerful

. . . it’s good to have wi-fi on your laptop beamed in free from a sponsor

. . . Google’s 30 minute complimentary Ad Words Maximizer session introduced me to the logic behind the scenes and indoctrinated me to nuances like: starting all of the words in the headline with capital letters gets a better response and analyzing the build-in reporting can help you not only fine-tune your ad campaigns, but also finesse and respond to the traffic patterns on your site.

. . . if there’s a party after the show, the place clears out – fast – so follow the pack to the watering hole

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