Twitter Profile PR | Conveying Subject Matter Expertise in Four Lines

How can you promote your expertise in four lines? When you open a Twitter account and complete your profile, Twitter challenges you to do just that.

Wondering how Twitter works? Take two minutes to find out. Watch this Twitter in plain English video from Common Craft.

Twitter Profile Content: What Do You Want to Be Known For?

Name: Will it be your real name, your organization or a brand name?

You can follow me at @barbararozgonyi where I don’t update, yet anyway, or @wiredprworks, which is my main twitter page. 

Location: Where are you?

Some people leave this blank. Others drop in a zip code or their exact location.

Web: What site should you link to?

How about a twitter landing page where you welcome people who found you on twitter? A link to a product sales page is too much too soon while a hard drop into a company site may be too cold and not personal enough.

Bio: Who are you?

With 160 characters to work with, you have enough room to mention some personal details as well as at least one site.

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