Social Media Study | 85% want two-way social media communication with companies online

Thanks to David Meerman Scott for sending out an update on twitter about this study from Cone that finds Americans expect companies to be present in their social media lives. Sounds like social media is moving into the masses. Read my take on The State of Social Media 2008 by Brian Solis.

Social Media Study Highlights 

  1. Almost 60 percent of Americans interact with companies on a social media Web site
  2. Men are twice as likely, 33%, as women, 17%, to interact frequently (one or more times per week) with companies via social media
  3. One-third of younger, ages 18-34, and wealthier households with annual income over $75,000 believe companies should actively market to them via social networks
  4. Two-thirds of the wealthiest households and households with 3 or more members feel stronger connections to brands they interact with online.
  5. 93 percent of Americans believe a company should have a presence in social media
  6. 85 percent believe a company should not only be present but also interact with its consumers via social media

Completed online September 11-12 2008, this information comes from a group of 1092 adults, comprised of 525 men and 567 women 18 years of age and older. Part of the Omnicon Group, Cone LLC ( is a strategy and communications agency engaged in building brand trust.

What do you think?

According to the release the margin of error associated with a sample of this size is ± 3%. Do the results line up with how you interact with companies online? Is this study a call to immediate action  – why and to who?

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