Cision Lists top 50 Marketing and PR Blogs

nashville barbara rozgonyiOn June 12, Cision released a list of the top 50 marketing and PR blogs. I didn’t expect to come in at number 31.

While I’m honored to be included, I’m also intrigued by the overall rankings.

Congrats to Chicago author and PR woman extraordinaire, Gini Dietrich, of Spin Sucks. for coming in at number 10.

Take a look at Cision’s top 100 social media, internet marketing and SEO blogs and you’ll see how different their results come out compared to other lists. To compile the rankings, Cision uses its Cision Influencer Ratings.

Here, they looked for blogs covering public relations, public relations industry and marketing. Thanks to CIsion for calculating the rankings and for including wiredPRworks.

OutletCision Influence Rating
2Online Marketing Blog84
3Social Media Explorer80
4B2B Bliss: PR for Thought Leaders77
5Shore Notes74
6Social Fresh74
7Brian Solis73
8Danny Brown73
9Holtz Communications + Technology Blog71
10Spin Sucks71
11Geoff Livingston’s Blog70
13PR Squared68
15PR in Your Pajamas63
17The Publicity Hound’s Blog59
18Beyond the Hype58
21What’s Next Blog55
22KDPaine’s PR Measurement Blog54
23The Buzz Bin54
24The PR News Blog53
25The Bad Pitch Blog51
26A Relationship Economy51
27Waxing Unlyrical51
28We Are the Voce Nation48
29Hispanic PR Blog48
30PR Couture48
31Wired PR Works Blog48
32Strategic Public Relations47
33The Proactive Report47
34PR Communications47
35Lewis PR 36046
36Communication Overtones44
38PR Conversations44
39Down The Avenue43
41PR 2.0 Strategies41
43Lindsay Olson39
44PR at Sunrise38
45Bulletproof Blog37
46Ethics Blog37
476 A.M.36
49Peter Shankman35

Cision Influence Rating System

What marketing and PR blogs are new to you on the list? What marketing and PR blogs would you add?


Image: Hall of Fame in Waiting from the 2012 Nashville collection copyright 2012 by Barbara Rozgonyi. All Rights Reserved.

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