Social Media Workshop for Entrepreneurs Speaker Guide

Looking for a workshop for your group? Here’s the collateral information I use in my Social Media Sampler Workshops. More information about Barbara Rozgonyi, social media, online marketing and PR keynote speaker – workshop leader.



LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn Profile Extreme Makeover

LinkedIn New Users



LinkedIn Company Pages

Lean about LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company profiles begin with a brief overview and are followed by two primary components: information about relevant people at the company on the left, and aggregated statistics about employees on the right

Components of LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn for Non-Profits



Check out Facebook Elite Users as graded by Hubspot

Create a company facebook page

Check out Facebook Elite Pages as graded by Hubspot

Facebook Pages Guide

Facebook Apps Video



50 ideas on how to use twitter for business by Chris Brogan

How to search on twitter



Social Networking Sites for Small Business source: USA Today

How to Blog Your Way to Small Business Success source: US News

Twitter Case Study: Naked Pizza in New Orleans

Why 79% of small business owners avoid twitter with four case studies

How to market more effectively on Facebook

Facebook for business