Social Media Marketing in 3D Video Series

What is marketing in 3D? How does it work? Give me 62 seconds and I’ll answer that question.

Every day this week I’ll post a video from my new social media marketing video series. Here’s the first.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not your customers are online.

They are – and so are your competitors. Yet, having a website and social network connections is only the start. It’s kind of like having a smartphone. By the way, what kind of smartphone do you have?

Every smartphone has a charger that plugs into a wall, a computer or a car outlet. But, where the phone ends up going and how it performs is totally up to the owner.

Do your customers know how to plug into your company?

10 ways to use digital marketing to maximize your ability to generate traffic as you improve online visibility:

1. Google your town/industry and compare the competition
2. Complete your LinkedIn company profile; invite followers; check the search here as in number one; read The Top 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Quickly Become Recognized as a Subject Matter Expert
3. Optimize your local listing with all search engines using video and keywords
4. Switch from a site to a WordPress blog for easy updates & better search results
5. Activate your company’s Google+ profile
6. Ask your customers which search terms they used to find you
7. Monitor your competition’s Facebook presence – who wins here?
8. Add images everywhere and tag them with keywords
9. Take pictures of your customers, tag them
10. Feature your customers on your blog/site/networks and ask them to promote on theirs

For more information about 3D marketing, stay tuned.

Thanks so much to Gary Bohringer of Bohringer Creative for producing the series. Since its beginnings in 1993 Bohringer Creative has focused on personal service.

How about you – how do your customers find you online or on their phones?

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