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How influential is your blog?

If you’re a PR blogger and you’re on the PR Friendly Index, Brendan Cooper will tell you. This week, Brendan announced the latest top 100 PR blog rankings.

How did wiredPRworks come in?

Up 15 points from our November 2007 PR Friendly Index blog ranking at 61 to number 46.

While it’s cool to know that number, here’s what’s more intriguing for me: Brendan’s methodology. Ranking each blog on seven different scales, Brendan comes up with an index that not only ranks the group, but also measures how each performs in detail with a colored bar chart.

To analyze the latest index, Brendan used these tools:

Technorati Authority – blogs (not links) linking to a site in the last six months

Technorati Inlinks – links coming into a site according to Technorati

Yahoo Inlinks – links coming into a site, not including links within that site, according to Yahoo Site Explorer

Google Hits – search hits according to Google web search

Google Blog Hits – search hits according to Google Blog Search

Google Blog Hits over the past Month – search hits over the past month according to Google Blog Search. This is given more weighting than other metrics to promote blogs with recent online activity.

IceRocket – recent posts that link to a site according to IceRocket

Here’s a look at our PR Friendly Index ranking:


What tools do you use to measure site influence – or does it matter?

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