LinkedIn PR 12 Questions

Thanks so much to Mari Smith for recommending me as a presenter to the International Social Media Association members. I’ll be presenting Leveraging LinkedIn: 5 Power Strategies to Stand Out and Be Sought Out on March 2. Membership and registration are free.

In this presentation, PR stands for Powerful Relationships.

LinkedIn Seminar Description

Becoming an authority on LinkedIn is easier than you think. In this session, take a look at the top five strategies authorities use to attract targeted attention and claim their space on LinkedIn. Barbara promises to give away at least three additional strategies in this session to get you geared up to go to the next level.

You’ll learn . . .
• what you need to do to raise your visibility and influence
• why you need a social media strategy that supports your business
• how to maximize your efforts and minimize your social networking time
• where to find connections that get you closer to your goals
• leadership strategies that position you as an expert

On the call, I’ll answer these twelve questions about LinkedIn. What are your biggest questions about how LinkedIn can position you and your business as a leading authority in your industry?

LinkedIn Questions

1. How does LinkedIn fit into the social media landscape?
2. What’s the biggest challenge most people face with LinkedIn?
3. What do you think – does the size of someone’s network matter that much?
4. Power Strategy One: Completely Optimized Profile
5. What are some of the biggest profile mistakes you see?
6. Power Strategy Two: Getting and Giving Recommendations
7. What tips do you have about writing recommendations?
8. Power Strategy Three: Composing the Best Answers
9. Is it okay to ask questions, too?
10. Power Strategy Four: Amping with Profile Apps
11. Power Strategy Five: Connecting with the Right People
12. Can you give us 5 or 6 easy steps to get on your way to becoming a subject matter expert on LinkedIn?

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