Your Higher Calling: The F Word

business-intentionsWhen it happens, I’m not happy about it. As I guide groups through the WIRED in 3D system, we sometimes veer off in the wrong direction. Where do we get stalled? The most important part: Intentions. WHY? Why are you in business?

Recently, one group gave the same answers most companies do: attract leads and close sales. Yeah, yeah, yeah – that’s right, right?


Here’s WHY.

We completely forget the most important part of WHY.

And, that’s your higher calling.

In business and in life it’s easy to look past WHY we’re here. Isn’t it?

You know, you go through the motions. You get things done. You cross things off of lists.

WHY do you do that?

As everyone filed out of the room that day, one guy and I were left to talk together. He’s a tech guy, admittedly not creative. “You know that why part was interesting,” he said. “I’ll leave it up to the creatives to do that.”

“Maybe we need to use the f-word more,” I said. He looked at me and laughed.

“Not THE f-word. We need to think about faith,” I said.

Setting intentions for business may be defined as the why behind the faith customers place in the relationship.

What kind of faith will people have in us? What kind of faith do we have in them?

What’s your answer – why are you in your business?

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