Google+ Invitation Detour That May Work

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Yesterday, I wrote a post about what to do after you accept your Google+ project invitation. Then, I invited everyone to send me their gmail address so I could send them an invitation.

But, I didn’t know that Google had closed off the Google+ invitation route due to “insane demand.”

Thanks to my Google+ friends for finding this possible way to bypass the Google+ invitation shutoff, courtesy of Techcrunch.

An additional work-around – which also appears to work on its own – is simply creating a status update (it’s called a ‘Share’ on Google+), e.g. “inviting people” and then pasting the Gmail addresses of friends you want to invite into the “add people” box (Next to +1 and Comment links). They should then get a copy of your status update in their email and link saying “Learn more about Google+”. They can then click on that and will get taken to your post, with a Join Google+ button.

I just tried it and it worked! Let us know if it works for you, too.

Interested in what the new Google+ interface looks like?

Here’s a slideshow that takes you behind the screen.

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