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Do you use Cision or PR Newswire to manage your PR business? Here’s the latest news . . .

Cision has completed the acquisition of PR Newswire. Cision is a global media intelligence company that offers comprehensive social and PR software, rich analytics and insights that enable clients to improve their communications and strengthen data-driven decision making. 

PR Newswire has an incredibly strong distribution network and multimedia capabilities. Both companies are focused on empowering communications professionals in their need to be heard, while also quantifying and understanding metrics behind tactics and strategies. By combining PR Newswire’s services with Cision’s award-winning PR and social software, our clients will receive the industry’s largest content distribution network, influencer outreach, best media monitoring, PR/IR services, multimedia broadcast and analytics offerings.

Read the Cision PR Newswire acquisition press release and the FAQs including this one . . .

Q: How does this impact PR Newswire users?

A: We are committed to minimizing disruption to PR Newswire clients. We will continue to support all PR Newswire solutions, including distribution, multimedia, IR/Media Rooms, MultiVu, and Vintage.

Moving forward, Cision will work to integrate PR Newswire’s products and features into its communications platform, providing global content distribution, a robust media database, monitoring and analysis across traditional and social media. By bringing together these channels, clients can power their stories while deriving meaningful analysis and insights.


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Disclosure: was listed on the Cision top 50 PR blogs list and the Cision top 50 marketing & PR blog list. @wiredPRworks is on Cision’s list of the top 50 content marketing influencers to follow on twitter. Barbara Rozgonyi presented a webinar for PR Newswire and has presented as a panelist at a PR Newswire conference on the latest social media trends.

How about you – how do you use Cision or PR Newswire?

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