Chamber of Commerce Community Guide Social Media Feature

It’s that time of year when Chambers of Commerce distribute their community guides.

Thanks to Highland Park Chamber of Commerce and Bohringer Creative, I’m featured in an interview in the Highland Park Community Guide, along with several chamber members.

I enjoyed working with Virginia Anzelmo Glasner, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and Carole Mark Gingiss on the “What’s the Business of Social Media?” article.

Here’s why I like the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce’s Social Media Article Concept

Variety: Several social media practitioners share perspectives.

Success Story Profiles: A collection of business owners talk about how they use social media to connect with customers.

Graphics: An infographic displays statistics in a way that makes them interesting.

Images: Eleven images inside, plus a cover photo, bring the story to life.

In-depth: At four full pages, the article shines spotlights on a mix of people, businesses and groups.

Contacts: To find out more about a business, all you have to do is follow the link to their blog or Facebook page.

Design: Gary Bohringer and his team did a great job of compressing all of this into a layout that flows – and even includes ads!

By the way, here’s my clip:

Social media expert Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media LLC says she feels LinkedIn is the “foundational social network” because of all if offers to employers and job seekers. Rozgonyi also likes to blog. “A company blog acts as a home base that sends information to subscribers, social networks, RSS feeds and search engines. Done well, a blog will raise visibility, increase influence and attract business partners,” according to Rozgonyi.

If you’re interested in ways to market your Chamber of Commerce with social media, check out this 20 point guide.

Need help with Chamber publicity? Check out how to promote a Chamber of Commerce with a press kit.

Image Credit: Bohringer Creative, as clipped from the cover of the 2012 Highland Park Community Guide.

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