Boost Your Press Release Distribution And Get Your Content Noticed

Imagine being one in a crowd of hundreds trying to win the last spot on a fabulous cruise to the Bahamas.  You’re jumping up and down to get noticed amidst a sea of others.  Now imagine your press release distribution – your releases are fighting against similar odds, battling hundreds of others to turn heads and find readers.

It isn’t an easy task creating content that stands above the din of the Internet static.  You need some very specific elements to boost your press release distribution success.  Not sure what they are?  Read on for 5 ways to get your content noticed:

1.     Play With Press Release Headlines

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to create a first impression so let your creative headlines set your content off on the right foot.  Use these tips to inspire that head-turning title that will get shared, liked and retweeted:

  • Try humoring readers
  • Explore double entendres
  • Experiment with cultural clichés
  • Use active language

In the age of content curation, keeping a collection of the headlines that caught your eye is easier than ever.  Staying abreast of fresh ideas will help you create 70 killer characters that will invite audiences to keep reading.

2.     Pour Your Creativity Into Your Press Release Lead

The lead paragraph works just like a dust jacket cover on a book.  When you scan that summary you give the publisher one chance to capture your attention.  Will you turn the page based on what that column of content promises?

Your lead may be as far as readers get so be sure it’s crafted to include the gist of your message with the most important details up front.  A creative hook is a good place to start but don’t get so caught up in metaphors or other linguistic conceits that you forget to share what’s really important.

3.     Say More With Less

The truth of press release distribution is that your press release is just one in thousands sent out daily into the digital marketplace.  And when you take into account how busy the typical reader (whether journalist or consumer) is, you need to remember the Golden Rule of press release writing – Say More With Less.

The supporting paragraphs of your press release should fill out the important details you so beautifully presented in the lead and help readers get what they really need to understand your topic.  Keep the length to between 500-800 words and only include information that is essential.

4.     Get Visual, Add Video News Releases

The average Internet user is a creature with a healthy appetite for online video.  Nearly half of those surveyed by video ad company YuMe watch videos daily adding up to an average of 7 hours per week.

So appeal to this attraction by including video news releases in your editorial calendar.  Conduct interviews with industry leaders or your company spokesperson or create a short video demonstrating the new product you’re announcing.

5.     Use the News

There are some basic rules for successful online content.  It has to inform, educate and provide value to audiences and it has to be relevant.  There’s no better way to raise your relevance factor than by connecting to news and trends with your message.

You can cite research, share poll results, provide survey findings and tie into current events to give your content the credibility discerning audiences are looking for.  Try subscribing to a service such as Muck Rack to stay up on the latest trending topics.

By putting these key elements into play in all your press releases, you’ll improve your press release distribution and increase the reach of your messages.

Look for more ways to get your press release noticed? Visit PRWeb’s learning center for more press release ideas.

Today’s guest post is by Stacey Acevero. Stacey is the social media community manager of PRWeb.  She is all about creative social media marketing ideas as well as building the PRWeb brand.

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