7 Reasons Instagram is a Small Business Social Media Priority

instagram-barbara-rozgonyiYes, that is deep fried bacon in the center of this Instagram image. I love sharing pictures of people, places, food and things – and in this post you’ll find out why I’m recommending that every one of CoryWest Media’s clients do the same.

How do you use Instagram?

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Instagram Media Interview on WDCB

Thanks to Gary Zidek, of WDCB Public Radio for the interview.

A survey released this week reveals Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. The GlobalWebIndex report looked at social media usage between the second and fourth quarters of 2013. And while Facebook still has the MOST daily users, it actually saw a 3-percent drop in overall usage. Meanwhile, Instagram’s active usage went up 23%. WDCB News Reporter Gary Zidek asked local social media expert Barbara Rozgonyi if she was surprised by the photo-sharing app’s recent spike.

Why Small Business Need to Embrace Instagram

For small businesses looking to save time, but make a big impact with social media, Instagram will become an obvious choice.

According to GlobalWebIndex, Instagram is the fastest growing of all social media sites worldwide. Active users increased by 23% in the last six months of 2013.

Small businesses have a big lead to follow: 71% of the most recognized brands in the world are now active on Instagram – up from 40% last year. Click here for a study by Simply Measured to see how top brands use Instagram.

Why will Instagram continue to be so popular?

7 Reasons Sharing on Instagram is a Social Media Priority for Small Business in 2014

1. It’s a free app that lets you share 15-second videos and square pictures.

2. Account set up is easy. Choose a name, a profile pic and you’re ready to go.

3. Multiply shares – all at once. You can take a picture, crop it, add a filter – or not, type in a caption – preferably with several hashtags, and then send it out to Facebook, twitter, tumblr, flickr, foursquare and email.

4. Privacy is optional. You can lock out the public and you can send images to a small group or only one connection.

5. It’s measurable with statigr.am analytics.

6. Instagram is a good imitator. When twitter announced their Vine video app; Instagram was right behind with their 15-second video feature.

7. People will connect your business with photos and videos they like. So bring them in and show them around.

What Instagram accounts do you like to follow?

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