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I could keep going, but I’m stopping at 25 – for now. Thanks to Chris Brogan for the suggestion to blog about what you think about Google+.  Go here if you need a Google+ invitation, or would like to see what Google+ looks like.

How about you – how do you see Google+ so far?

25 Thoughts for Marketing and PR Folks RE: Google+

1. Google+ is forcing me to get organized and to form circles, which can only help me manage my time and relationships better.

2. No more saying I like everybody and being wishy-washy about who I care about and why.

3. Google+ is a targeted bullseye place that enables you to reach, listen and connect in a very precise, almost surgical way.

4. Google+ is, well part of Google, so search must be built in, right? That’s a Facebook duller if there ever was one.

5. Facebook – duller? My take from my teens is that Facebook is boring and that’s why they’re moving on and looking for something new. Will it be Google+? We’ll see – I sent them invitations.

6. Google+ has a tumble-esque feel that’s artsy and different, seems to encourage indie communications.

7. Google+ may be the platform we’ve been mixing up in our collective heads. You know, the one we try to describe when people ask, “What’s next?”

8. The threshold for boredom is low now, yet attention is so shattered by dimensions that holding a focused interest in something new is impossible – or is it?

9. People are finding me and I like who they are. It’s not “friends” who really aren’t. It’s real people that I really value.

10. Sharing from the top of a page outside the interface is cool and easy and approachable in a hey, here I am if you need my kind of way.

11. Now I have another new platform to talk about – and teach! Yay for another module in an every unfolding curriculum.

12. Google+ – how and why should I – will be easier to explain. See Chris Brogan’s number 48: Small Businesses would benefit from an integration of Places, Pages, and Google Plus. That whole social customer service movement? Pow. Done. Easy.

13. Writing about Google+ landed my blog on Alltop’s most topular list – telling me there’s lots of interest.

14. A link to a mention about Mashable’s Google+ page resulted in over 250 clicks in about 30 minutes on a Saturday morning.

15. Finding the right spot for Google+ as it fits into the social media landscape will take some time, time that’s well worth spending.

16. PR can set up media circles to watch, follow and contribute to.

17. Having a gmail account with your name makes you easier to find.

18. Businesses can add customers to separate circles by line of business, location.

19. Following threads and commenting is much easier than other social networks and comes the closest to blogging of any.

20. How about holding a Google+ chat with people who join a circle?

21. Make a Google+ list and publicize who’s on it. Here’s the list of top 100 Google+ accounts. Right now, Mark Zuckerberg is number one.

22. Invite others to join a circle to follow a conversation.

23. Add your Google+ profile as a link on your LinkedIn profile.

24. Keep a running list of the ways that Google+ will fit into your business.

25. Set up a time to explore and check in every day and notice what you like. Then, do more of that.

What are you thinking – so far and for the future?





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