Go From Invisible to Expert with a WIRED Content Marketing Framework

How do you package your brand marketing content to go from being invisible to rising up an expert? First, you need to have a message and then you need to market it. Let’s explore how to go from invisible to expert with a WIRED content marketing framework.

How do you package your brand marketing content to get it out there so that people can find you, learn more about who you are, what you do, and what your call to action is? I have the answer! As well as a professional speaker, I am also a marketing/PR advisor.

To simplify what can be a very complex subject, I created a system to streamline marketing and make it easier for everyone. Called Wired PR Works in 4D, this is a program for virtual presentations to groups, hands-on fear-free workshops, and online e-learning courses.  

PR Influence = Personality + Reputation

Let’s start by focusing on the center: PR. I like to redefine PR, not as public relations, but as personality and reputation. So what personality do you portray right now? 

You can take a personality test to find out, or you can project the personality you want people to see. Keep in mind that your reputation is always available for people to comment on online. 

Because your personality and reputation are the centerpiece of your branding and marketing, I want you to own that. Experts are endorsed, followed, and shared.

WIRED Content Marketing Framework

The next part is WIRED. This system is a five-prong approach that simplifies the whole marketing process into words intentions routes, experiences, and design. 


Words are very powerful. What I would like you to do is have a collection of words. Everything from a tagline for your business to keywords that you use for search, hashtags for social, along with content for articles, posts, and presentations. So start collecting and curating your words! 

As a professional writer, one of my favorite words is perennial. Because I love gardening, I managed to slide in the word perennial into lots of projects. What words do you love? 


The next part is intentions. Intention is a feeling around getting to a destination. It’s the way you approach a journey.

Yes, you have goals. What do you want to feel like on your way to get there? Intention means to stretch and grow. As you set your intentions, ask yourself why am I doing this? What feels good about it? Set your intention before every move you make: everything from sending a text and email to stepping on the stage. 

What do you want to get out of this experience? What do you want people to get out of it? For example, my intention for a recent video was: I want to have fun and I want people to learn how to streamline their marketing. 


Routes are up next. Choosing where to best spend your marketing time and money is important and difficult. But not if you have a map that shows you the most direct route. Google Maps gives you turn by turn directions on how to get from point A to point B. You can walk, you can take public transportation, or you can drive with or without traffic and highways. You can even see where traffic is congested. 

What I want you to choose is the fastest route that leads directly to where your people are. With no stops. The first step is choosing your target group. The next is aligning your marketing with the best channels. For example, if your target group is millennials, Instagram may be a better marketing route than Facebook. You can have more than one route or channel, and you should, but don’t overdo. Stick with the top two or three channels your perfect customers are tuned into. If you have no clients or prospects interacting with a channel, don’t even go in that direction. Only travel the routes that take you directly to where your most profitable clients would be, the ones who most need to have you solve their problems.


Experiences are the next piece. In marketing, we talk about the buyer or customer experience journey. It’s everything from how people find out about you to how they research you to what it’s like when you start working together to getting referrals. 

What is it like to work with you? How would you describe your customer experience? The best way to convey your customer experience is via storytelling. My storytelling method is called CPR, which is Challenge Process Results. 

For those who like to start with the end goal, you can even flip it over to result process challenge. Build a collection of CPR stories around experiences that feature the hero, which is your client, not you.

WIRED Content Marketing Framework Design

Design in 4D rounds out the system in the areas of digital, direct, dynamic, and data. 

Let’s start with digital.


Today, everyone is an online screen star. How happy are you with your digital persona in search and social? 


The next part is direct. 

How do you talk to people? What kind of conversations do you want to have and where? Plan your communications out ahead of time around how you want to relate to people and where you want the conversation to go. 


Let’s move on to dynamic, or what is the fizz in your pop?

What makes you unique and different? For me, photography is a differentiator. I’m sure a lot of speakers have photography in their presentation, mine is mine and yours is yours. Every picture tells a story.


Last but not least is data. How are you going to measure your success? One way is to track where leads are coming from. You can measure ROI by looking at the time or money invested divided by the results or sales. Keep in mind that what may seem like a big investment in time can pay off in visibility and leadership stance.

Now you know how to increase your influence and go from being invisible to invincible with the WIRED PR in 4D system. Words Intentions Routes Experiences and 4D Design: digital, direct, dynamic, and data around your signature identity, your personality and organization.

Thanks again to Chawn Bracey of Motivator Video for the video.

How about you? What’s your biggest challenge with getting planning marketing?

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