Social Media Twigs from the CES Tweet House

Searching for the social media scene at CES, I found the Tweet House track. Here’s an image from one of the two sessions I attended. Tweet House speakers Angela LoSasso, David Armano, Jeffrey Hayzlett and moderator Steve Broback focused on social media tools and techniques for organizations. A social media super power panel, this is a quartet that could pack a room anywhere else. About half the room was full. Steve Broback talked about twitter tools in his presentation on Monitoring and Mining Social Data: Staying on Top of the Conversation. Here’s a list of the ones I caught. Take a look and add your favorites.

Twitter Tools that Monitor Conversation and Mine Social Data


Searches recent and all time mentions, creates email alerts and sends results via RSS.


Subscriptions run $100 per month to this tool that shows twitter analytics.

Type in a term and get back a real time word cloud. You can exclude words, if you like.

Twapper Keeper

Tracks tweets and creates an archive.

The Archivist

Saves searches.


Twitter spreadsheet tools, resources and ideas.


Chart trends by keyword.


Instantly create a custom page about the latest buzz about any topic, which is what I’m using to follow Affiliate Summit West.


See who’s not following you, who you’re not following and then export then into excel. Apologies to MC Hammer who was following me, but I was not following him. That’s fixed now.


Like Google alerts for twitter.


Searches Facebook and twitter at the same time.

Feed My Inbox

Turns RSS into email.

Also check out Steve Broback’s social media ROI resources presentation post.

Thanks to The Tweet House for the party last night at The Atomic Testing Museum.
What tools do you use to monitor and measure social media?

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