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Tomorrow, all three of our children will vote in their first presidential election. It’s a big day for us and a big day for America.

In 2008, I took our daughter to vote for the first time. And, I had two tickets to the Rally in Grant Park. I wrote about my experience here and I’m reposting it again today – exactly four years after I wrote it.

We are so fortunate to live in a free country that allows us to cast our vote for the candidate we believe in.

On the eve of the 2012 presidential election, I’m encouraging you to go vote.

Here’s the 2008 story, along with Grant Park rally pictures and videos.

2008 Presidential Election Grant Park Chicago Rally

Yesterday, I took our oldest daughter to vote, her very first time.

She did touchscreen. I colored in the circles.

Then, we went to Starbucks for our free coffee. “With love from corporate,” our barrister said as he handed over the tall dark roast.

Later, it was on to an afternoon of teacher conferences. All throughout the day, I kept avoiding making a big decision.

Although I had a ticket for two to the Obama rally in Grant Park, I was concerned about all kinds of things: traffic, crowds, even fatigue from walking and standing for what could be [and was] six hours.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon all three of our children started pushing me to make the right decision. They were relentless in overcoming any objection. And so, at 5:00 I backed out of my driveway and headed east to Chicago – a drive that takes about 90 minutes during rush hour.

But, there was no rush hour. Traffic was as light as I’d ever seen it. Now that I was there I had another decision to make: tweet or not.

My company has a strict policy of no campaigning for anyone. That’s why you’ll never see me endorse a candidate. So, it was hard for me to be political on election night. But, I knew people would want to know what was going on and many expressed appreciation for updates from a place they wanted to be, but couldn’t.

Today, I only wish I’d shared so much, much more of what I saw and experienced only because everyone was so joyous, so hopeful, so happy.

Whatever your politics, I hope you’ll take a stand for what you believe in and let people know what you care about and why. You’ll either draw people closer or push them away. That’s okay, really it is. And if you’re ever wondering if you can stand up to the test, don’t be surprised if you’re the one who’s dancing in the streets after dark.

Obama Rally Grant Park 2008 Election Night Images and Videos


11/11/08 Update

Many people asked to see the actual @wiredprworks twitter stream from the Obama Rally in Grant Park on election night. All text is exact as entered and all updates are intact, including replies from senders.

wiredprworks: brilliant move to close streets to traffic open to people strange to be on mich ave w/ no cars

wiredprworks: this is your victory – obama

wiredprworks: sing along sweet home chicago

wiredprworks: turning into a dance party

wiredprworks: sending text to niece in australia with election results

ellenm53: @wiredprworks IT’S OVER!!

wiredprworks: crowd goes wild over va

wiredprworks: lots of souvenirs – it comes in your size t-shirt vendors to everyone huge selection on way in-out

wiredprworks: waiting watching

wiredprworks: scratch cnn husband edits to say obama rally playing music sound check

wiredprworks: thanks to cnn for playing music not ads i’ll take you there

ellenm53: @wiredprworks MSNBC says Oprah is in your crowd now…

ellenm53: @wiredprworks Texas goes for McCain. But Florida will do it. Iowa just went for Obama. Utah for McCain. Obama=206. McCain=89

wiredprworks: husband spots woman featured in movie spirit of the marathon got a picture

wiredprworks: cnn on jumbotron

wiredprworks: we are in breezed through 3 security checkpoints

wiredprworks: very polite crowd

wiredprworks: on ramp to get in massive crowd calm and communicating no idea where line ends

ellenm53: @wiredprworks ABC has called Pennsylvania for Obama; CNN is waiting for the hard voter totals before it does. Can crowd following updates?

ashleeallen: @wiredprworks love Elephant and Castle! Eat up for me!

wiredprworks: super light traffic into chicago at elephant and castle before rally excited crowd here

samuofm: @wiredprworks enjoy! the rest of us are all really jealous 🙂

CarlosHernandez: @melodiel Thanks! It’s about “Finding Your Tribe” Be sure to follow @pamslim..she is super cool tweep!! @wiredprworks rocks too!

pitchengine: @PoppaP4SOAR @KellyeCrane @wiredprworks Thanks!

dougtweets: @wiredprworks have a great time, barbara. i’m jealous.

joannayoung: @wiredprworks Have a great time!

Starbucker: @wiredprworks Hope you brought your camera! Look forward to hearing about the experience.

mjcarter: @wiredprworks Have fun at Grant Park!
wiredprworks: heading out to Obama Rally in Grant Park w/ticket http://tr.im/t0c just noticed www.current.com/election link on twitter


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