14 Sponsorship and Media Options for Agencies and Company Partners

Looking for ways to collaborate and partner with Barbara Rozgonyi and wiredPRworks? Let’s count the ways – 14 sponsorship and media options for agencies and companies – we can work together . . . get started now.

1.     Sponsored Blog Posts

A dedicated blog post explores a product, event, service, or campaign. Clients ge exposure to my audience and allows them to showcase their expertise or offerings.

2.     Product or Service or Experience Reviews

We have limited spots for reviews. Each review highlights the features, benefits, and recommendations from Barbara’s personal perspective. This helps in building trust with my audience and generating awareness for the client’s offerings.

3.     Sponsored Content

Ad agencies can collaborate with us to create sponsored content that aligns with their marketing objectives. This could be an informative article, a how-to guide, or an industry report. The content will be clearly marked as sponsored but will still provide value to readers.

4.     Display Ad Placements

Display ads can be in the form of banners, sidebars, or native advertisements. We will work with the client to ensure ad placements are strategically positioned to maximize visibility and engagement.

5.     Guest Posts

Ad agencies can contribute guest posts for clients, providing valuable insights and expertise in the marketing and PR industry. This allows them to showcase their thought leadership and reach a wider audience. Companies, events, and associations who want to promote products, services, or experiences can either guest post or engage Barbara to cover the stories in an exciting and compelling way.

6.     Social Media Promotion

With 25,000+ followers, Barbara’s social media promotion across her social media channels may include mentions, sponsored posts, or collaborations to increase the client’s awareness, reach, and engagement.

7.     Webinars and Events

Educate your target audience as you generate new leads. We can develop your presentation or you can present a program, as you connect with a new audience, and establish you, or your company, as industry leaders.

8.     Growing Social Now Podcast Sponsorship

Looking to amplify your message? Explore sponsorship opportunities with mentions at the beginning or end of podcast episodes. You can also participate in interview-style episodes to discuss industry insights and introduce offerings.

9.     Branded Content Series

Partner with us to create a branded content series that revolves around a specific theme or topic related to your product or industry in a custom approach that may involve multiple blog posts, videos, or podcasts that provide valuable information while subtly highlighting the product or service benefits.

10. Exclusive Discounts or Offers

Events, companies, and creative agencies that provide exclusive discounts or offers in exchange for promotion stand out. Promotion options include dedicated blog posts, social media mentions, press releases, and podcast mentions to generate excitement and incentivize readers and followers to engage with the promotional client.

11. Sponsored Contests or Giveaways

Companies, creative agencies, events, and associations can sponsor giveaways. Promoting the contest helps create buzz, increase brand awareness, and drive engagement. Everybody wins!!

12. Influencer Collabs

As a respected new media publisher, original marketing PR industry thought leader, and social media influencer, companies, events, and creative agencies can collaborate with Barbara on sponsored content or influencer campaigns. We can feature your products or services in press releases, social media posts, stories, or videos to reach a broader, well-connected audience.

13. Thought Leadership Acceleration

Companies, associations, creative agencies, and events can leverage a multichannel platform to accelerate thought leadership status. This can include co-authoring thought leadership articles, participating in expert roundtable discussions, or being featured in interviews.

14. Sponsored Speaker or Emcee with Annual Options

One of our client’s best options! Why? Barbara will promote your clients, company, or association on ALL platforms: blog, podcast, social, and live events. You get full 360 surround sound coverage you can’t get anywhere else!

How to Get Started with 14 Sponsorship and Media Options for Agencies and Companies

You can feel comfortable partnering with a woman-owned creative agency, a professional speaker, an award-winning blogger, a professional photographer, and a digital marketing PR original thought leader. Every relationship will be fully disclosed in compliance with FTC guidelines. It’s important to note that we have to like each other, share values, and see a mutual benefit. Each sponsorship or editorial contract will be customized to fit the needs of the client. Pricing and terms will be based on the project scope and extent of the collaboration. We prefer longer-term contracts so that our audiences can get to know, like, and trust you. What other sponsorship and media options for agencies, companies, and events can you think of?

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