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Looking for the future intersection of social media and podcasting? This episode has it all: historical perspectives, where we are now, along with updates on podcasting 2.0 and web 3.0. Get transported to the future today with Jennifer Navarrete, aka @epodcaster, and Barbara Rozgonyi, two Social Media Club chapter founders who met via Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells. Find out what you need to be doing now to get ready for what’s next!

Key Takeaways

  • Four levels of podcasting and where to get started
  • Why you need to invest in your passion
  • What’s up with Twitter Spaces
  • Where we’re going with Podcasting 2.0 and Web 3.0 101
  • The Value for Value Model from Adam Curry and John C Dvorak

Meet Jennifer Navarrette, Podcast Producer, Virtual Event Producer, Content Strategist, Community Builder, Speaker, and Blockchain Enthusiast – one of the top Women on Twitter Spaces

Jennifer Navarrete is an award-winning social media professional who has 16 years of experience in the podcasting and social media landscape. She is a firm believer in the “Learn, Share, Grow” model popularized by Social Media Club. Her career as a podcast producer, social media strategist, conference organizer, speaker, and community builder well prepared her to recognize the impact Web 3.0 will have on the world.

Her mission is to demystify the blockchain as a content creation destination. She does this through the Crypto Content Creators video and podcast series with co-host Shaine Mata. Jennifer launched a 30-part series, Social Media and the Blockchain, and the Blockchain Creatis community where she hosts weekly Spaces on Twitter.

The best place to connect with Jennifer when she isn’t creating content on the blockchain is through a tweet or DM on Twitter. @epodcaster.


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New Podcast Apps

Adam Curry on the Future of Podcasting via The Survival Podcast

How did they meet? 

Although this is their first conversation, Jennifer and Barbara traveled parallel paths for years as Social Media Club chapter founders. Jennifer launched Social Media Club’s San Antonio chapter and Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago. 

About Growing Social Now

Produced for both aspiring and recognized digital thought leaders, this show focuses on how social media contributes to creating and sustaining business, Barbara interviews friends in high places. Tune into smart insights, cool tips, and lots of laughs.

About Barbara Rozgonyi

Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a creative marketing communication consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities. Named after Barbara’s mother and grandmother, CoryWest Media inspires innovation as it fuels growth. Barbara is an international trends speaker with a Hungarian heritage, digital marketing advisor since 2002, and sales leadership guide for all types of teams. With future vision, Barbara began publishing her top-ranked blog, wiredPRworks, in 2006. An early social media advocate, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008. Her podcast, Growing Social Now, launched in 2021. She serves on the National Speaker Association Carolinas Chapter’s board of directors as Vice President of Marketing and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina right between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic ocean.

Let’s Connect!

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