Sponsored Influencer Marketing Partnerships

Sponsored Post and Influencer Marketing Partnerships

What is a micro-influencer? 

“Influencer marketing isn’t just for big brands. What I love are the micro-influencers and the local campaigns.” —@wiredprworks

“There is so much information out there that needs to be conveyed, but it’s also about exciting people to try new things.” —@wiredprworks

“If you don’t tell influencers what the real story is then sometimes they’re not going to get it right. I think more information is better than less.” —@wiredprworks

Great Guest Post

Content: Client

Editor: Review

Promotion: 1xs via FB, LI, Twitter

Reach: 25,000

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Remarkable Review Post

Content: wiredPRworks

Promotion: Social Media

Reach: 25,000 xs 2xs

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Rad Video Review

Content: wiredPRworks

Promotion: Social Media 1xs

Reach: 25,000 xs 1

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Advertising and Influencer Opportunities Fine Print

Wired PR Works, an online community, was founded by Barbara Rozgonyi in 2006. Barbara is a full-time entrepreneur,  marketing consultant, Amazon author and international speaker.

Pricing to be determined based on number of posts, social media mentions and content to be created, including marketing, PR and social media video content.

Please note: to comply with FTC guidelines, all sponsored relationships will be disclosed.

Wired PR Works publishes information for people and companies on how to attract attention, build brands and connect with communities.

If your goal is to reach smart small business owners and creative entrepreneurs, partnering with Barbara is an innovative option.

You’ll find we’re fun to work with, we know how to achieve objectives, and you can count on us to partner with you to reach your goals.

Ways to partner with Wired PR Works

  1. Sponsors promoted educational content – you create the content, subject to editorial approval, we promote throughout networks
  2. Sponsored Product or book review – we create the content and promote throughout networks
  3. Online Education via webinars or courses with Facebook and Instagram video
  4. Influencer for events, publications, people, products or services – we’ll work with you to achieve your visibility and connection goals by creating original content via articles, video and or photos as a reporter, fan or reviewer.

Sponsors Promoted Educational Content

Our community loves to learn! A sponsored post allows to present an educational message to empower people and companies with tools and techniques as it illustrates the benefits of your book, product or service. And, you get credibility when you publish on wiredPRworks.com.

We will work with you to package the message, will review for editorial and then share via email and our social networks.

Sponsored Product or Book Review

What would you like us to look at? Send us your product, book or log into your service. We’ll write up a review, and add a video if you like. The review covers a features overview, who can use it and why, pricing and the benefits for the ideal customer.

After we hit publish, we share your post via email and our social networks.

Videos get shared on YouTube, and you may also use the video, or post, in your marketing.

Talk and Show Social Media Engagement

Looking for a way to engage with your community, increase brand visibility and measure results in a talk show format? Then, this option is for you! We can work with you to produce Twitter chats, Facebook or YouTube Live, and IGTV shows.

Event production, including storyboarding, scripting, show flow, hosting as well as presenting on Zoom or another platform

Before and After Event Marketing, strategies include promotion levels ranging from a blog post to a PR campaign

Event registration via Eventbrite, Facebook and Zoom

Events, Courses and Conferences – Live, Virtual and On Demand

Keynote Speaking and Breakout Programs

Barbara Rozgonyi, Publisher, wiredPRworks.com, is an entertaining and motivating international keynote speaker who loves taking her audiences to the next level right now.

BIO Book Barbara to deliver innovative, creative programs in a lively, engaging style for your next corporate event, association meeting or sales training session.

Advertising Opportunities for Every Budget

DIY Content Promo – You Write, We Post and Promote

Subject to editorial approval

Includes one post, image and an author bio with byline.

Promotion: SEO for keywords review, one post to each: LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Reports: SEO, interaction and views by platform

Sponsored Content – We Write, Post and Promote

Includes SEO, hashtags, research, interview, image and two links within one post, up to 500 words

Promotions: three posts to each: LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

Reports: SEO, interaction and views by platform