Twitter Arrivals | When did you get here?

“You were one of the first people on twitter,” a friend said as they introduced me to someone new at a party over the Memorial Day weekend.

I replied: “Well not really.”

“Yes, you were.”

So, I looked it up. The date I set up my twitter account: Friday March 16 2007

Want to see when you set yours up? Go here and replace “wiredprworks” with your twitter name.

Although I couldn’t find the exact number of twitter users on this day, I did find out that 270,000 people were on twitter on June 13, 2007.


EMarketer estimates 6 million twitter users in 2008 or about 3.8% of all people on the Internet. That’s right now. By they end of the year, twitter is projected to double to 12.1 million users and grow to a total audience of roughly 18 million users by the then end of 2010.

If you’re not on twitter yet, relax – you’re not late, but don’t wait too long to sign up.

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