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Technorati Media Infographic

Big news for CES: bloggers and reviews push the needle on electronics buys.

A new report breaks down influence and shows that 31% of people surveyed say blogs are most likely to influence a purchase.

Technorati Media's full 2013 digital influence report also shows that tablets will be the biggest tech craze in 2013.

What the Technorati Digital Influence Report Means to Marketers

Shani Higgins, Technorati Media CEO, says "Consumers are looking for recommendations from their trusted go-to sources and blogs continue to be a driving force in influencing purchasing decisions especially when it comes to electronics and gadgets. The smartest marketing strategy includes advertising and working with influencers so the moment a consumer’s engaged with a review or editorial feature they have an opportunity to take the next step and make a purchase.”

Even if you're not in the electronics industry, you and your customers use electronics every day to do business, stay in touch and share updates. I like this survey format. How easy would it be for you to replace "electronics" with the name of your product?

Technorati Media 2013 Digital Influence Report Highlights

What leads to an electronics purchase?

  • Positive review, 28%
  • Friend recommendation, 17%
  • Sale, 15%
  • New innovation, 12%
  • New version of the one I have, 12%

What will be the biggest tech craze of 2013?

  • Tablets, 38%
  • Wearable tech, 17%

Most recommended tablets?

  • iPad, 36%
  • Nexus, 17%
  • Samsung Galaxy, 12%
  • Microsoft Surface, 12%

Consumer's Most Trusted Information Sources

  • Online news sites (NY Times, CNN) 51%
  • Facebook 32%
  • Retail sites (Amazon, Walmart) 31%
  • YouTube 29%
  • Blogs 29%
  • Google+ 26%
  • Groups/Forums 24%
  • Online magazines (People, Motor Trend) 22%
  • Brand websites (Honda, Nike) 21%
  • Twitter 15%

What’s most likely to influence a purchase?

  • Retail sites 56%
  • Brand sites 34%
  • Blogs 31%
  • Facebook 31%
  • Groups/Forums 28%
  • YouTube 27%
  • Online news sites 24%
  • Google+ 20%
  • Online magazines 20%
  • Pinterest 12%

What’s most likely to influence an electronics purchase?

  • Brand/Product site 20%
  • Retail site 16%
  • Blog post 14%
  • YouTube video 10%
  • Mention on Group/Forum 9%
  • Mention on Facebook 8%
  • Online magazines 8%
  • Online news site 6%
  • Mention on Google+ 3%
  • Picture on Pinterest 2%

What compels you to make an electronics purchase?

  • Positive review 28%
  • Friend recommendation 17%
  • Sale 15%
  • New innovation 12%
  • New version of one I have 12%
  • Saw someone using it 5%
  • Friend has it 5%
  • It’s getting lots of press 4%
  • Grabbed it on my way to checkout 1%
  • Read a negative review, but didn’t agree 1%

TECHNORATI MEDIA ASKED INFLUENCERS ...What will be the biggest tech/gadget craze in 2013?

  • Tablets 38%
  • Wearable tech (glasses, watch devices, etc.) 17%
  • Integrated devices 12%
  • Smartphones 11%
  • Smart TVs 9%
  • Ultrabooks 9%
  • Other 5%

What tablet do you prefer to recommend?

  • Apple iPad4 36%
  • Google Nexus 7 17%
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab II 12%
  • Microsoft Surface 12%
  • Other 10%
  • Apple iPad Mini 8%
  • Amazon Kindle 4%

What mobile phone do you prefer to recommend?

  • Android Phone 42%
  • Apple iPhone 40%
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 10%
  • Other 6%
  • Blackberry 3%

A full version of the report will be released Feb. 1. To sign up to be alerted as soon as it’s ready, visit:

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  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Understandable summarization of Technorati’s Digital Influence Report of 2013 :-) Liking the Infographic. I hope brands will see that the value of influencers and blogs is relatively important for consumers on making decisions and that for this reason they will invest more in these fields than mainly in giant social media platforms.

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