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PR Blog Publishes 300 New Marketing-PR Articles

  Thanks to my readers for the motivation to keep publishing! Here’s the press release announcing our 300th post. News for Business, Community, Lifestyle and Work at Home Editors from CoryWest Media, LLC PR Blogger Publishes 300 New Marketing-PR Articles Offers Free Always-On PR Resources to Global Readers Press Contact: CoryWest Media, LLC, 630.942.9542 Glen […]

USA Today Gives Bloggers Free Ads | How to Get Yours

Want to advertise, but don’t have an ad budget? Or, you do have an ad budget, but want a free month’s worth of testing? USA TODAY wants your blog in their Blogger & Podcaster Guide. Here’s what your ad will look like. This screen shot is from the business page. Right now, I’m at number […]


Wired PR Works |Take Two

Because I just got home from vacation today, I’m stocking this “take two” blog with clips from my former blog’s WordPress entries. If you blog from a free WordPress platform, back up your posts – your whole blog can vanish without warning as mine did last week. Thanks for hanging in there with me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Posts […]