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Cool Tool | Search-Keyword-Writing-Research Resource

Check out the latest Cool Tool from Wired PR Works . . . Problem: You want an all-in-one Google-Wikipedia-keyword-background research tool. Solution: Enter your topic or terms in Make My Report and get the top 30 related results along with a word association relevancy list. Technorati Tags: Cool Tools,Writing,Research,Blog Marketing,Public […]

Speaking | Taking the Stage Like a Rock Star

Groupies, limos, spotlights, fan clubs, backstage passes, original songs, managers, agents, a band . . . being a rock star sounds oh so glamorous. Technorati Tags: Speaking,Marketing,Branding,Public Relations,YouTube,Videos,Barbara Rozgonyi   Wait – did I mention speakers? Not the kind you listen to, but the professional speaker maybe you, like me, […]

How to Accelerate PR Performance & Measure Results

If you read Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound’s blog or e-zine [affiliate link], you might enjoy her “Help this Hound” feature. This post is in response to a question from one of Joan’s readers, a media relations professional, who put out a call for tips on how to deal with […]

Online PR, New Marketing BizRadio Interview: Sneak Preview

Money may not grow on trees, but it does on the BizRadio Network. On Saturday January 5, 2008 my interview [Barbara Rozgonyi] with BizRadio co-founder Elisea Frishberg airs on her “Behind the Fame” show. “The Sound of Your Money Growing” – that’s the tagline for BizRadio Network. When you check […]