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Alexa Rankings | Blog Breaks into the top 100,000 – in Singapore

Click on this image and you’ll see how Alexa ranks Wired PR Works around the world. For comparison purposes, last November CNN reported the Internet reached a new milestone: 100 million websites. One year after 18,000 sites populated the Internet in 1995, I launched my first site. So, I’ve been online for 11 years. But, […]

MTN News | Ezine Article | Gaining on Google | Blogs Snag Search Results

Update 6/14/07 Click on the image above to see the email from Google Alerts for Barbara Rozgonyi telling me about this article. FYI, the date stamp is 17:22:18 – about 3 hours after I wrote the post. Pinging Technorati definitely helps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here’s the latest MTN News Ezine Article, written by Barbara Rozgonyi and published by CoryWest […]

Blog Search Terms | SEO Headlines Generate Traffic

Publicly revealing your search terms, is well, like giving away one of your secret formulas. My advice? Don’t do it – most of the time. But, I like sharing. And, thanks to my Chicago Cicada Watch Journal post, Wired PR Works is attracting as much attention as a new tree gets from, ummm, a cicada crowd. Stringing together Chicago + Cicada […]

WordPress Business Blogging Video | Be a Niche Celebrity

Here’s a video of Mike Stewart’s presentation at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar in April 2007. In less than 90 minutes, Mike covers why you need a blog, how to upload audio and video and even what new media marketing can do for you as a niche celebrity. [googlevideo=http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-8368566220616494381&hl] Thanks to Armand and Mike for posting […]