Viral Tag Train | How to Link Up

Now, here’s an idea I found in ineptuser’s Boost PR blog post via a Google Alert.  If you want to get in on the Viral Tag Train game, instructions follow, copied directly from the post. The idea is to build viral steam by exchanging links. When your blog shows up somewhere, you add the blog to your viral […]

Alexa Rankings | Blog Breaks into the top 100,000 – in Singapore

Click on this image and you’ll see how Alexa ranks Wired PR Works around the world. For comparison purposes, last November CNN reported the Internet reached a new milestone: 100 million websites. One year after 18,000 sites populated the Internet in 1995, I launched my first site. So, I’ve been […]

MTN News | Ezine Article | Gaining on Google | Blogs Snag Search Results

Update 6/14/07 Click on the image above to see the email from Google Alerts for Barbara Rozgonyi telling me about this article. FYI, the date stamp is 17:22:18 – about 3 hours after I wrote the post. Pinging Technorati definitely helps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here’s the latest MTN News Ezine Article, written by Barbara […]

WordPress Business Blogging Video | Be a Niche Celebrity

Here’s a video of Mike Stewart’s presentation at Armand Morin’s Big Seminar in April 2007. In less than 90 minutes, Mike covers why you need a blog, how to upload audio and video and even what new media marketing can do for you as a niche celebrity. [googlevideo=] Thanks to […]