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Twitter Experiment: tr.im URLs report hits, visitor stats 3

Bloggers link a lot. Twitterers may link more. Twitter shortens long URLs automatically to 25 characters, using tinyurl. Tr.im chops URLs down to 16 characters, giving you 9 extra spaces on twitter PLUS number of visits and statistics. And, you can trim and tweet and the same time using the interface or tr.im bookmarklet. [Thanks […]



Meet a Marketing-PR-Publishing Role Model: David Meerman Scott 7

Forget marketing. Forget PR. Forget being a company. Be. A. Publisher. That’s the heart of the message David Meerman Scott delivered to a group of trade show and meeting planners at the MeetingTechOnline Summit today. But, if you’ve read his book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, […]

Facebook PR | Marketing Local Events with Social Media 4

Thinking of promoting an event on Facebook? Why not try it? It’s as easy as fill in the blanks. But, like most communications, being strategic brings better results. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my first attempt at creating a Facebook event for Chicago’s Social Media Club. Nine days after posting the event on Facebook, the […]


Twitter Talk | Can Tiny Conversations Buffalo Relationships? 1

  Three conversations about twitter, but not on twitter, that took place over the weekend stick in my mind. Person One “Barbara, I think you’re over emphasizing the importance of twitter.” [Never mind that. Thanks to @dmscott, I’m going to MeetingTech Online Summit for free!] Person Two Not on twitter, but wowed by reach possibilities. […]